Motivational Quotes

Be Ready

30 Nov , 2014  

be ready

    “Be Ready For Your Opportunity When It Comes”

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Aim For The Moon

29 Nov , 2014  

aim for the moon

      “Aim For The Moon But If You Miss, You May Hit A Star”

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20 Facts That Rich People Do Every Single Day

29 Nov , 2014  


What do rich people do each day that the poor people don’t do? 1. 70% of wealthy people consume less than 300 calories of junk food each day. 97% of poor people consume much more than 300 calories of junk food each day. 23% of rich people gamble. 52% of poor people gamble. 2. 80% of […]

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Motivational Quotes

You Are Never Too Old

20 Nov , 2014  

you are never too old

“You Are Never Too Old To Set A New Goal Or Start A New Dream”..Mr.Monetize    

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Going the Extra Mile

19 Nov , 2014  

going to extra mile

              Some people get exactly where they intend to be, those who don’t usually fail for reasons other than a lack of resources or ability. Rather, they fall short because they are not “afraid enough” of not achieving their full potential, dont have a driving hunger to achievement success, […]

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How to sell products easily?

18 Nov , 2014  

selling products

              People do want to buy and even more then in the past. Don’t you want to be the kind of person who people want to buy from? Think about the personality attributes you already hold that people today can identity with. As you are reaching out to pontential […]

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Giving Is The New Taking

17 Nov , 2014  

giving is the new taking_millionairemonetize

                You win by giving to people in life and the world of business. When you give away your best information, people grow to know, like and trust you, and when they are ready to buy, they will buy from you too. Selling products is not hard to […]

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How to Find People That Are into The Same Things as You?

17 Nov , 2014

                I was going for a walk last week when I ran into my friend called Robert. Robert is a 27 years old who’s constantly complaining that he can’t find anyone who’s into his passion which is Editing Videos. I told him I didn’t believe him and advised […]

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